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Easy, quick and no fuss embarkation.
Superb floating hotels.
Unpack once and relax.
Excellent personal service.
A view from every cabin.

The scenery comes to your room!
Smooth sailing.
Wake up in a new destination or country!
Just step ashore to explore.

Excursion options in every destination, often included.
Enjoy destinations at your own pace.
Absorb the unfamiliar by day, return to familiar comforts. 
Sample several destinations on one trip.
Convivial and relaxed atmosphere onboard.
Meet new friends.
Superb food, with drinks often included.

Spa and treatment options.
Themed cruises with experts - including 
wine appreciation, music, horticulture, art and history.

So much included!
Great for groups!
Offers for groups, from as few as 10 passengers.